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Natural Dry Shampoo Recipe

In a rush, and washing and styling your hair isn’t an option?
I have the perfect solution…DRY SHAMPOO!

To all my fellow lady bosses, time is limited and the greasy roots look isn’t so flattering, am I right? This dry shampoo works perfectly at absorbing excess oil to leave your do looking fresh and keeping you on time and kicking but! 

PLUS, when you don’t wash your hair everyday, your hair tends to be softer, less damaged, your colour lasts longer, and I find my hair grows a lot faster. Win, win!

I love this recipe 

  • It’s cost effective because it lasts for a LONG time
  • It’s free of any synthetic and chemical ingredients
  • It doesn’t leave colour residue on your hands or clothes like spray shampoos
  • For brunettes it doesn’t give us the ashy, grey look…HALLELUJAH 

The ingredients in this recipe are multi-purpose, easy to find and will last a loooong time! I bought these items at Winners, my local health food store, Gentle Rain and Young Living Essential Oil {if interested, e-mail me :)} Continue Reading

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One Bowl Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Tastes like fall!


Who doesn’t love pumpkin spice and everything nice?
Not to mention, a recipe where everything is combined in one bowl, for easy clean up and easy prep..can I get an AMEN! 

These muffins are simple, delicious and only whole food ingredients…with a few chocolate chips sprinkled in. Parents, this is a great dessert for the kiddies.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin:

-High in beta carotene
-High in fiber, helps to keep us fuller for longer
-High in carotenoids, helps protect and keep skin youthful


Any questions, please leave below. Happy Baking~!

Ingredients: Enough to make 12 delicious muffins Continue Reading

Edibles Welcome

Muffins under 15 minutes!

Healthy Muffin Recipe

So Fast & Easy! I call them no excuse muffins 🙂 

<<This recipe was adapted from>>

Is there really anything better in the morning than a good cup of coffee and delicious muffin? The answer is…YES! There IS something better,  a good cup of coffee{bullet proof style} and HEALTHY, delicious muffin, homemade with whole food ingredients. Forget Tim Hortons and all the questionable ingredients in pre made muffins, make your own baked goods and feel good bout what you fuel your body with.
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Authenticity…what it really means and why finding it was a game changer!

I chose this photo to highlight because it combines the things that make me ME
[ laughing, nature, and true connection]

How it’s defined:
:  true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character is sincere and authentic with no pretensions.

I underlined the word OWN for a very important reason, {the reason it took me so long to be comfortable being 100% authentic} you can’t live out your own authenticity while carrying a blueprint given to you by others. 
Blueprint… yes I know I sound like I’m talking architect lingo, but what am I actually talking about?
I’m talking about what you were told growing up or throughout your life, from friends, family, strangers, teachers, who ever.  About “who you were” ,”what you could do or be” , “who you’ll become”, “what your journey should be” and how that formed your opinion of yourself and how you live your life based off of that. 
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Recipes Welcome

Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies

Attention cookie lovers, do I have a recipe for you!!
Warning: you may not be able to eat just 1

These cookies are chewy, bursting with ginger flavour and best of all… made with only wholesome ingredients…cue the cheering! Yay for healthy swaps.

Recipe Food Facts:

  • Black strap molasses used as it contains minerals and vitamins such as calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, selenium, potassium, vitamin B6 and niacin. Making it a more nutritious option than fancy molasses. This ingredient also helps with energy 🙂 
  • Completely gluten-free, perfect for anyone with sensitivities.
  • Lactose intelligent?No problem, these cookies are completely dairy free.
  • Ginger is in my opinion, a real superfood! It’s anti-inflammatory, reduces headaches, soothes stomach issues, reduces morning sickness and support immune function. 

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What’cha Wanna Know Wednesday Q&A

Apple Cider Vinegar {ACV}
What’cha Wanna Know Wednesday

+multiple uses  +a true superfood  +inexpensive  +healthy swap

This post goes out to my new aunt since marriage, Annie! Thank you for posting your question on WWKW, anyone reading, don’t forget to post your topics on FB, I love answering you all!

When buying ensure: Continue Reading

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What’s In My Pantry-Small Appliances

They may be small, but their use is mighty!
My Favourite Go To Appliances

What’s In My Pantry Series

 I’m really excited to share this particular post with you all. I’m highlighting not only the little gadgets in my kitchen that make eating healthy a breeze, I get to boast about my prized possession,
{I don’t have kids yet so this is acceptable} my VITAMIX<3
It’s okay to be in love with an object…at least I tell myself that! Continue Reading


What’s In My Pantry Is Back!!

Canned and Dry Goods

The #1 Way I Stay Healthy & Eat Well

What’s In My Pantry is BACK!
Sorry it’s been MIA, it will be back on a regular rotation from now on 🙂 Next post is on condiments, sauces and spreads.

Few Key Tips

1. I know I sound like a broken record BUT, keeping healthy food stocked is the way to ensure you eat healthy food. It makes trying recipes easier, as you have all the items and it avoids you stopping for quick dinners which are usually made with processed foods. Continue Reading