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Priority for Positivity

Just came from a coffee date that has my heart singing!

You know that feeling, when you dedicated the time for yourself and what comes out of it is pure joy?

You aren’t even looking for answers but find them all in that time! I experience that when I make priority for the things and people that leave me feeling full, full of excitement, passion, inspiration. The coffee date that started out about one thing, lead into the authentic reason I was lead to meet with this particular friend. We have the same passion for health and wellness and are both excited to start a path that leaves us feeling so full we are bursting 🙂 Can’t wait to share with you soon.

I ask you this, when is the last time you made priority {even if it’s a short time frame} to do something that leaves you feeling full? If it’s been longer than a day, you need to make a promise to yourself that you won’t let it go any longer!

After all, we know we have NOW not later, and small things every day that leave us feeling full lead us to a more positive lifestyle and that is a POWERFUL place to be 🙂

Live well TODAY -Steph

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