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Use Your Senses to Eat Better

Love, love, love when FREE material that is actually helpful is available for everyone! 

This magazine which I picked up at Zehrs, has loads of great articles and recipes, and as I mentioned…is FREE!!!!

This was January’s issue and my favourite highlights from it were…

  • An article on “microbiome revolution” we are all hearing A LOT about beneficial bacteria and the major role it plays in the body. This article was a great refresh on the important of good bacteria and what we can do to use our microbiome to our bodies advantage.
  • Fabulous article on hormones and how they can play a role in weight loss, for women especially. Any time I can read about hormones and not get overly confused, I am thrilled.
  • Pumpkin Pie fruit tart recipe that looked amazing and contains ingredients I have in my cupboard already, love when that happens. This is what I will be making for Valentine’s Day for the hubs.

Most interesting article I read was on your senses and how they play a role in our food habits.  

I had to share this when I came across it, I know for myself it can make a HUGE impact on how I eat, how I feel after a meal and the habits I get into when it comes to food.

See No Sweet or Salty Snacks

  • Recent research shows a connection between what’s on your counter and what’s on your hips. A study was done at Cornell University, involving photographs of women‘s kitchens, and what they found was a correlation between what was on the counter and the women’s weight. This has been a HUGE part of why I can keep myself on the straight and narrow.

If you don’t have junky food in sight or filling up your pantry, you won’t crave it the same. What you don’t buy, you won’t be able to eat. INSTEAD, get a nice bowl you don’t mind staying out on your counter and fill it with fruit, healthy protein bars, trail mix, anything you can grab quickly before heading out the door.

Hear No Aggressive Music

  • Fast food restaurants got a makeover to test the notion that relaxed environments encourage diners to eat more. However surprisingly, the quiet music and soft lighting lead to diners eating 175 fewer calories and they enjoyed their meals more.

Try turning off the TV and focusing on your plate {I know this may be hard for some people, it can become a nightly habit} see if you noticed when your body is full. Can you start to S L O W way down and actually thoroughly chew your food? Try having only soft music playing while you eat for one week and take notice of any changes that happen.

Taste More Variety- This is my own addition to the sense article

  • We humans have 5 taste receptors, sweet, salty, sour and bitter. How many of us are actually using all of these tastes to our advantage when cooking and eating? If you are left craving certain foods, like salty chips or chocolate, perhaps you aren’t preparing food that covers all the taste receptors. Indian cuisine is fabulous at using all five flavours in their dishes. I noticed every time I had Indian cuisine, I never “needed” dessert. This was because they used sweet spices in their cooking which lead me to feel fully satisfied. Step out of your everyday foods and start trying recipes that in compass all the five flavours, you will be surprised what food you love and never thought to try.

These are just a few ways you and your family can create habit and rituals that lead to healthier plates and more mindful choices.

Do you have any favourite habits you use involving the senses to help keep you on track, share below in the comments 🙂
Live well TODAY -Steph

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