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Is there anything better than slowing down for a few minutes with a warm mug in your hands, sipping on a delicious cup of tea? My answer…NO!~

I can’t go a day without at least 1-2 cups of tea. It has become my personal health ritual, a concept taught to me by my dear friend Shannon{life & business coach}. It creates a mental space that allows me to slow down, appreciate the moment I’m in and I’ve been able to attach it to gratitude. As I take my first sips I always think to myself: I’m so grateful for the benefits of this cup, I’m grateful for the body it’s supporting and grateful for the NOW.

Tea has been dated back to 2737 BC, for centuries cultures used tea as medicine, only after 3 000 years was it developed into an every day drink. Something that’s been consumed for that long has to be beneficial for our health, don’t let it go over looked in your every day routine.
Did you know…

  • Green, white, black and oolong all come from the same plant called Camellia SinensisWhat creates the different types and flavours is the drying and processing of the leaves.
  • Don’t like tea? Perhaps you haven’t tried enough varieties, in fact it’s estimated there is over 1,500 different types.{ there has to be 1 out of 1,5o0 you enjoy 😉 }
  • The reason I find tea so calming is because IT IS. It directly effects your nervous system and eases breathing, which is why it’s used before meditation.
  • Tea should be the only thing you sip on while you eat. It won’t effect your stomach acid or cause a lack of digestive fire.
  • Tea can be used as a daily detoxification for the body, especially the liver and bowls.

What Tea’s Do I Drink?

  1. Everyday Detox includes: Helps the body to eliminate waste product, perfect daily detox drink.
  2. Echinacea Plus includes: Helps relieve cold and flu system and helps support immune function.
  3. Hot Cinnamon Spice: So naturally sweet, it’s the perfect after dinner indulgence. Cinnamon is very blood sugar balancing and improves digestion.
  4. Ice wine tea: The smell is INCREDIBLE, what I love most, it tastes like it smells, full of flavour. My dessert TEA instead of needing dessert WINE.
  5. Peppermint tea:  Amazing for bloating, upset stomach or after a heavy meal. Great for keeping sugar cravings to a minimum and great for focus.
  6. Dragon Puerh : Incredible digestive tonic, helps to heal the entire digestive tract and reduce constipation.
  7. PMS tea: Relieves temporary water weigh
    gain and bloating. My go-to every time of the month.
  8. Earl Grey: ThePERFECT organic tea for homemade London Fogs.
  9. Simplicity{FAVOURITE}: Chamomile calms and soothes the digestive system. It relaxes tension and pain and calms the mind. Licorice Root also has anti-ulcer and anti-inflammatory actions. beautiful silky blend with a touch of sweetness sure to warm your body, mind and spirit.
  10. Matcha Green Tea: Not bitter tasting, raw and organic, HIGH in antioxidant, increase energy levels, boosts concentration, stimulates metabolism, and enhances mood. AMAZING superfood!

I could do a whole post on Matcha… in fact I will, stay tuned! 

Brands & Where To Get Them

Everyday Detox/ PMS Tea/Echinacea Plus-Traditional Medicinals- Gentle Rain, Stratford Health Store, Zehrs, Sobey’s. 
Hot Cinnamon Spice & Dragon Puerh– Tea Leaves bought in Stratford ON
Ice Wine Tea– Grosche bought in store in Guelph ON
Earl Grey– Pukka tea bought at Winners, can be found at Gentle Rain
Simplicity– Wildflower Tea in St Thomas, 100% worth the drive, the spot is beautiful!

Matcha Green Tea– Matcha Ninja can be bought online. You can always ask your local health food store if they are able to bring it in.  
Peppermint Tea- Tea Leaves Stratford ON

Which tea are you going to try? This gives you the reason to buy a cute mug that makes you happy every time you see it!
Adapt this simple new health habit into your daily routine and enjoy the benefits tea provides!

Live well TODAY -Steph 🙂

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