Fighting Against Negative Self Talk

My feeling after experiencing the classic “Running High” 

Nothing keeps me more motivated than that feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT 🙂 

However, getting to that feeling of accomplishment doesn’t always come easy, in fact, sometimes it’s a huge struggle, one I wanted to share with you, to hopefully inspire you in a positive way. 

If you’re like me, than sometimes before you start some form of physical exercise, you without trying, start thinking of negatives surrounding, how it’s going to go, feel, or how much it will hurt, etc. You may not mean to think that way and you might not realize how much it’s impacting you or even where it stems from. However, I’m here to tell you, if you can get quiet and listen for those negative thoughts and start reversing that mindset, your physical work will become so much easier and more rewarding and that will transfer into a positive mindset all around. 

I’m someone who loves the feeling after a good workout, it’s what keeps me coming back. There is nothing quite like it, my body needs to feel that surge of endorphins {helps to block pain and is associated with the feeling of euphoria} to help me get things done in the day and to feel more joyful on a daily basis. If you haven’t found something you enjoy doing, DON’T STOP LOOKING! Get out there and try different types of exercise, there are so many options you are bound to find a few you like.

You could try: 

  • walking or speed walking
  • jogging or running {my go to}
  • sports like soccer, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball
  • cross fit {my go to}
  • going to gym classes
  • biking 
  • yoga {my go to}

Back to the importance of mindset, the reason I wanted to write this blog tonight, is to share the experience I’ve been having with working on tuning into my self talk. It takes practice to start listening to what you tell yourself and catching the subconscious thoughts that circle in the back of our mind. Doing this is the first step, once you can acknowledge what you are saying to yourself, especially before physical activity, you can start to transition those thoughts into something positive and empowering. 

Running isn’t something that I’m effortlessly good at, it takes hard work on my end, to get past the burn and fatigue to continue running and not walking. {I never do anything that will harm my body just as an FYI, I know when I need to break or stop, I don’t silence my body} The reason I continue to do it is for the feeling I get when I don’t let negativity take control. I simply don’t allow those thoughts of “my legs are tired” “I’m not a runner” “maybe I should stop” “I have too much time left to still do” to stop my legs from going. Today, unlike other runs in the past, I listened to that negative talk and right away, told myself out loud {yes, people could have heard me}:

  • I’m SO grateful to be able to physically run, I’m so happy I have this ABLE body.
  • I’m faster, stronger and more willing than ever before
  • Thank you negative thoughts for telling me to step up my mental game
  • This next 20 minutes are going to fly by
  • My pace is already better and faster than ever. 

I kept repeating this until I felt the negative thoughts leave and I heard the Nike App on my phone say 10 minutes remaining, best feeling ever! This run was not without it’s obstacles, the wind was pushing against me so hard, especially in my last half mile, which for me represented the obstacles that happen in life that make you doubt yourself. The wind sucked, I wanted it to go away and I wanted to use it as my excuse at the end to just walk the last half mile, but than the negative wins. My hard mental work that I had done that whole run would go out the door. I decided to run faster, harder and say BRING IT WIND aka BRING IT LIFE, no matter what is thrown at me, I will feel it {not ignore it} be in it and push through it. I ran every last second, and reached my physical goal of a 40 minute run, but the goal I really reached was breaking through the hold my negative thoughts had on me. That feeling is INCREDIBLE. I felt like I’m finally on a path that I have worked toward for a long time, I can control how I feel in every situation, negative or positive.

I hope this inspires you to start tuning in and changing that channel to a positive tune and push through those negative barriers. MINDSET is everything folks, it can be the power behind feeling joy and accomplishment. We can’t control the winds, but we can adjust our sails 🙂

Thank you sunny skies and thank you body and mind for allowing me to experience a breakthrough in my mental and emotional wellness. Thank you for reading and let me know what your favourite way to get your endorphins hit is.

Live well TODAY-Steph

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  • Reply
    Meghan McCabe
    March 22, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    Great advice! There are other aspects of life that involve doing things we don’t always want to do. These tips can be applied to other aspects of life that don’t involve excercise and can still help us! Thank you!

    • Reply
      March 24, 2017 at 11:37 am

      Thank you for commenting and reading!! I hope it inspires people or plants a little seed at the very least.

  • Reply
    March 24, 2017 at 9:56 am

    Gratitude is rocket fuel! I love this post Steph as it has your sparkle all over it. So many of us try to push through or quiet the chatter instead of changing the channel. Well fed roots indeed.

    • Reply
      March 24, 2017 at 11:37 am

      Thank you friend! It was an effortless write.{sparking some big magic}

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