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What’cha Wanna Know Wednesday Q&A

Whatch’a Wanna Know Wednesday time! Thank you Carleigh L for posting your question on “what type of protein can I buy locally?”  Ask your questions every Wednesday and I will get your answers!

Picking Protein, What You Need To Know!

Plant Vs Whey
Plant based proteins usually have the same grams of protein as whey, however, in order to get that content companies use things like: pea, sprouted brown rice, hemp, and chia. This type of protein is perfect for vegans or anyone with lactose intolerance, or dairy allergy.
Whey protein is a milk protein and is a dairy product. It’s a protein-packed punch and contains amines – specifically Leucine, which assists in protein synthesis and muscle formation.

What To Consider When Buying
Plant Based:

  • Are the ingredients fermented or sprouted {this makes the protein easier on digestion and increase absorbability}?
  • Are the ingredients organic?
  • Does it contain any artificial colour or flavour {avoid those at all costs} ?
  • Does it contain soy products {ensure they are organic 100% of the time}?
  • Is it sweetened with stevia or sucralose and contain 2grams or less of sugar?
  • What is the texture and consistency like? {some plant based proteins are very chalky}
  • Per 1 or 2 scoops, does it contain at least 20-25 grams of protein?

Whey Based:

  • Is the source of whey a clean and organic one?
  • Is it from New Zealand {some of the most pure forms of whey come from there}?
  • Does it contain any artificial colours or flavours {whey protein can contain a lot of tasty sounding flavours which are totally artificial}
  • Is it a concentrate or isolate or a mixture of both? What’s the difference? Concentrate has a low lactose level that is well tolerated by most lactose-sensitive people. It has trivial amounts of fat and carbs relative to your overall nutrient intake. Isolate s virtually fat-free for those wishing to eliminate as much fat from their diet as possible. It is typically lactose free for those few individuals who are very sensitive to the low-lactose levels found in whey concentrate. Whey isolate tends to taste slightly better than whey concentrate too, yet its consistency is a little thinner, without the fat.
  • Is it sweetened with stevia or sucralose and contain 2grams or less of sugar?
  • Per 1 or 2 scoops, does it contain at least 18-25 grams of protein?

What Brands Do I love & Where To Get Them

  1. Schinoussa {whey} in vanilla or chocolate. I love this brand because of the probiotic content, clean whey source and overall consistency. Buy at Stratford Health Store
  2. Can Prev {plant} for Women in vanilla. Gluten free, soy free, organic and contains greens and antioxidants. Great natural flavour. Buy at Stratford Health Store 
  3. Sunwarrior Classic Protein {plant} vanilla or chocolate, natural flavour isn’t my cup of tea. Made with raw nutrients, sprouted protein and low sugar content. Minimal ingredients makes this one of the cleanest plant based proteins. Texture is more gritty than other proteins, but delicious when mixed with other super foods for your smoothie. Buy at Gentle Rain in Stratford
  4. Progressive Veg Essentials {plant}. I love this protein for the fact that it has not only high quality plant protein, but omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals and greens. Awesome tasting and great texture. My only piece of advice, if you are someone that is sensitive to sugar {even natural occurring one’s} be careful to add too many sweet fruits when you use this protein for your smoothie. Keep it simple and ramp up the veggies. Buy at health food stores or Zehrs
  5. Precision All Natural Whey in vanilla {whey} This is affordable, clean sources, good tasting, very basic whey protein. Not my first pick to buy, but a great option for a clean, minimal ingredient protein powder. Buy at Sobey’s or health food stores 

Some Extra Tips

Before purchasing a full size protein, buy single serve packets. This gives you a chance to test the texture and flavour, because let’s face it; if we don’t like the taste of something, even if its good for us, we won’t use it. This also allows your body to respond to the protein to see if it will  be a good fit digestively.  Buy a protein you enjoy with just milk {I’m talking nut milk} or water without need to add anything else. I say this because, if you have a protein you can add just water or milk to, you can always keep some in a container or shaker cup to help you get through a surge of hunger. It also avoids stopping at a fast-food joint or needing a blender and other ingredients to make a full smoothie.  Keep protein powder in your gym bag for post fuel after a sweat session. It’s important to replenish the body with protein approximately within 30 minutes. I always keep two types of protein on hand, one whey and one plant. I use the whey for after my workout with water and the plant based for daily smoothies.

I hope this answered your question Carleigh 🙂 As always readers, please leave your question and comments below. Also, don’t forget to comment on my Facebook page with your questions for What’cha Wanna Know Wednesday. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Live well TODAY-Steph 


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