What’s In My Pantry Is Back!!

Canned and Dry Goods

The #1 Way I Stay Healthy & Eat Well

What’s In My Pantry is BACK!
Sorry it’s been MIA, it will be back on a regular rotation from now on 🙂 Next post is on condiments, sauces and spreads.

Few Key Tips

1. I know I sound like a broken record BUT, keeping healthy food stocked is the way to ensure you eat healthy food. It makes trying recipes easier, as you have all the items and it avoids you stopping for quick dinners which are usually made with processed foods.
2. Don’t over stock your pantry with too much. I know this sounds strange but hear me out, when you over buy and stock your shelves too full, sometimes your mind gets overwhelmed with options and you don’t see any clear path. It’s like when women look in their closet and feel like they have nothing to wear, when really their clothing options are endless. Sometimes when we have too many choices that aren’t thought out clearly, our brain gets overwhelmed and checks out. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy staples on sale and have little stocks on certain items, it just means try not to buy things that you haven’t planned to use in a certain time frame. It keeps your area clean and simple, making dinner options more effective and clear.
3. Meal plan before you go to the grocery store. It’s a MUST to stay on track during a busy and stressful week. There are plenty of free and SUPER CUTE templates that help you break down your meals Monday-Sunday, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. It also avoids you over spending and over buying, which in turn reduces the amount of wasted food.
4. If buying on a budget, use the Flipp app to check out on sales at your local grocery stores. When you plan your meals, you know exactly what you need and therefore, you can check on the app to see where you can get the best bang for your buck!

What Do I Keep On Hand and Why

Canned Items
– Chickpeas {garbanzo beans}
-Black Beans
-Pinto Beans
-Mixed Beans
-Tomato Paste
-Diced Tomatoes
-Coconut milk

These items are a MUST in our house. I use them for vegetarian dishes, chickpea patties, stir fry’s, indian curry dishes, black bean brownies and healthy dips.
Brand I love is Yves, this is because they use BPA FREE cans, this is important as aluminum cans not only can alter the taste but can leach into the food.
                             This brand can be found at your local grocery store or health food store!

Dry Goods

-Organic quinoa found at Costco
-Wild rice and black rice found at grocery stores
-Pearl Barley by President’s Choice
-Farro by Red Mills, found at Zehrs
-Quinoa & brown rice pasta found at Costco
-Lentil pasta by Maria’s
Quinoa is a staple for many different salad recipes and as a high protein side for our dinner.
Black and wild rice provide more nutrients than white rice, good for anyone wanting to lose weight.
Pearl barley has an awesome texture and makes a great “risotto” type dish.
We keep gluten free pastas on hand for when we need a really quick dinner. Steam a bunch of veggies, cook up the pasta and add some olive oil and herbs for a tasty dish that doesn’t rely on processed wheat.

 Other Category

These items don’t quite fit in a specific category but are CRITICAL for my healthy lifestyle.
-Organic coconut oil by Nutiva bought at Costco
-Organic olive oil by Terry Delyssa bought at Costco
-Mary’s Organic crackers bought at Costco

Coconut oil, need I say more? It’s the holy grail of health food world. I use it for cooking, in my coffee, in baking and for beauty products, etc.
Olive oil, I don’t often cook with this oil but love using it as salad dressing, over steamed veggies and as a staple in dips and spreads.
Mary’s organic crackers, super CLEAN ingredients, great crunch, gluten free, packed with seeds {my kind love seeds haha} and is a perfect healthy swap.

Not sure what you would do with these ingredients if you bought them? You are in luck, I feature plenty of recipe ideas on my Instagram and website, so if you’re unsure, take a browse and try something new.

 These are all whole food based items, the key to any healthy diet!
Stay tuned for more What’s In My Pantry, thank you for stopping by, and as always, leave any questions or comments you have down below 🙂
Live well TODAY-Steph 

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