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What’s In My Pantry-Small Appliances

They may be small, but their use is mighty!
My Favourite Go To Appliances

What’s In My Pantry Series

 I’m really excited to share this particular post with you all. I’m highlighting not only the little gadgets in my kitchen that make eating healthy a breeze, I get to boast about my prized possession,
{I don’t have kids yet so this is acceptable} my VITAMIX<3
It’s okay to be in love with an object…at least I tell myself that!

Whether it’s protein balls, homemade dip, smoothies or even soup, these small appliances make eating healthy so EASY, less messy and a lot less time! They are a huge part of my pantry, which is why I’m sharing it today. I recently got married, and was so grateful to receive some of my gadgets as thoughtful gifts that constantly remind me of that special time in our lives and the people that gifted them. 

I acknowledge that some of these items come with a bit of a price tag and may seem extravagant to just buy for yourself. However, I hope after I share with you my uses and reasons I love each appliance, you will look at some of them as an investment in your healthy lifestyle. You may even get some new ideas on how to use these items you might have collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. 🙂 

 Let’s Talk Appliances Shall We

#1 Food Processor by KitchenAid 

Price: $169.99 at Hudson’s Bay
Why I Love It:
-not too bulky
-easy to use, not complicated
-not overly expensive, compared to other makes.
What I Use It For:
-#1 use, to make protein balls in a snap
-perfect for homemade hummus and dips
-I make chocolate chia pudding with it
-to make homemade pesto
– for fast veggie shredding
-to make cauliflower rice

#2 Crockpot 5 in 1 by Crockpot  

Price: $169.99 at Hudsons Bay
Why I Love It:
-multiple features, good for certain recipes
– cooks roasts really well
-great bang for your buck
– brand has been around a lot time so it’s reliable.
What I Use It For:
-roasts and meat
-bone broth
-#1 use, soup and chill
-baked apple recipe
-homemade apple sauce
-tasty orange chicken recipe
Crockpots are a great way to have dinner done even when it’s a crazy chaotic day. We use it to ensure we eat healthy even if we won’t be home until 9pm. There are oodles of recipes online for crockpots, they have come a long way and people have some creative ways to use this gadget.

#3 Juicer by Breville

 Price: $200 {when available}
Why I Love It:
-**great for juicing greens**
-compact and easy to store
-relatively quiet
-yields a lot of juice
-minimal waste and pulp
What I Use It For:
-pretty obvious, I use it for JUICING!
I love juicing green drinks, fresh pressed orange juice, vegetable juices, apple cider and wheat grass shots! I love juicing to…
a) keep me full in between meals
b)provides nutrients when my digestion is lacking
c) refreshing drink in the summertime
d) great way to incorporate super foods in a different way
e) save money in the long run, pre made, fresh juices are pricey.
*NOTE* this particular model doesn’t seem to be easy to locate. Breville or Omega juicers are the best rated and if you plan on doing a lot of greens, check reviews to see if a particular model is better than another. That’s the reason I bought the one above, I wanted something with little waste and that could power through even the toughest greens.

#4 Kettle by Bella

Price: $45
Why I Love It:
-it’s so cute, I mean look at it!
-fast heat up and quiet
-easy to clean
-looks precious on my counter top
What I Use It For:
-again pretty obvious, hot water!
This kettle makes me happy every time I use it {being the aesthetically driven person I am} I swear it makes my tea taste better. This teapot kettle is one of my favourite appliances, next to my Vitamix, if she ever breaks, I will be fixing her, it’s that kind of love!

#5 Air-pop Popcorn Maker by Gravitti {any brand would do}

Price: $20
Why I Love It:
-pops quickly
-no muss no fuss
-doesn’t leave a lot of kernels unpopped
-less mess than a pot, NO CLEAN UP 🙂 {no dishes makes me a happy woman}
What I Use It For:
– for my own air popped popcorn, Orville style!
I do like a salty/savoury snack, especially during a good movie or get together with our friends. Popping my own popcorn is one of my favourite things! I even pack my machine, kernels and toppings to bring as a snack to gatherings {who doesn’t love fresh, warm popped popcorn, right?} Yes, I’m that person, I refuse to pop it prior and serve cold popcorn! The way I enjoy my popcorn:
1.  With 1 tsp of organic unsalted butter, sea salt and a pinch of black pepper
2.  Sprayed with apple cider vinegar and sea salt-gives it a salt&vinegar taste but super CLEAN
3.  Melted coconut oil and turmeric
4.  I would like to experiment with a sweet version, I haven’t found a recipe yet, I’ll keep you posted.

#6 Mini Crockpot by Crockpot 

Price: $20
Why I Love It:
-it’s so small but fits a lot of food
-most places have outlets, therefore you really can use it anywhere
-inside is easy to clean and never gets stained or smelly {even when your forget to clean it for a day, I don’t even do that though 😉 }
-so cheap!
-gets quite hot
What I Use It For:
-to keep my food warm/hot
-to keep me on track with eating healthy. No excuses to not pack a wholesome meal because it needs to be warmed.
-to keep an appetizer hot for a get together
This was gifted to me by my Mom one christmas, at the time I thought it was just a good idea, little did I know how much I would truly use it. I used it when I was in school, I bring it to work all the time and it has been super helpful for travelling when I know I won’t have a microwave. Worth the $20

#7 Last but definitely not least…Blender52oo by Vitamix

Price: $449 {I got mine refurbished, that saved me $150 and it works PERFECT, just a note}
Why I LOVE it:
-it’s used EVERYDAY, no word of a lie.
-super powerful
-very easy to clean, filled with water and a little soap, turn it on and voila.
-multiple speeds
-consistency of finished product
What I Use It For:
-smoothies, even with a ton of vegetables and crazy ingredients, this thing hides it all and creates the perfect consistency.
-to make oat flour
-puree soups
-make homemade almond/coconut/hemp/hazelnut/cashew milk
-I used to use it for juicing before my Breville. You just need a nut milk bag for after blending.
-homemade ice cream
-homemade nut butters
-homemade dips and spreads
-to ground flax and chia seeds
-to make turmeric tea
-to make cashew and other vegan icings and treats
-need I say more?
I know what you might be thinking, $40o for one blender, you nuts? This is definitely an investment, it’s used everyday and can be a major staple in your healthy habits. Even as a refurbished machine, this blender has proven its worth time and time again. I have even made raw soups with this machine, it’s crazy powerful! Pretty sure I’ve seen a video with some strange individual testing it’s power by putting an old cell phone in the container and seeing what the outcome was. Cell Phone 0 Vitamix 1 🙂
Another thing I want to highlight again, is the ability it has to really hide ingredients in smoothies. Mom’s, this is a great point for you as kids tend to be picky eaters and it can be hard getting nutrients in their diet, but with smoothies you can pack it full of healthy stuff and they won’t even know it.

I hope this gives you some great insight into how I make some of my tasty dishes and what I rely on to keep my healthy habits going. Without these, many healthy recipes wouldn’t have turned out 🙂
Leave in the comments your favourite small appliances for me to check out!

Live well TODAY-Steph

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