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Authenticity…what it really means and why finding it was a game changer!

I chose this photo to highlight because it combines the things that make me ME
[ laughing, nature, and true connection]

How it’s defined:
:  true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character is sincere and authentic with no pretensions.

I underlined the word OWN for a very important reason, {the reason it took me so long to be comfortable being 100% authentic} you can’t live out your own authenticity while carrying a blueprint given to you by others. 
Blueprint… yes I know I sound like I’m talking architect lingo, but what am I actually talking about?
I’m talking about what you were told growing up or throughout your life, from friends, family, strangers, teachers, who ever.  About “who you were” ,”what you could do or be” , “who you’ll become”, “what your journey should be” and how that formed your opinion of yourself and how you live your life based off of that. 

When I got quiet, got real with myself, this took real courage and determination. I then was willing to ask the important questions:

  1. Why am I not living a fulfilling life?
  2. How do I want others to feel around me?
  3. What do I want most in my life?
  4. Who am I REALLY?

I realized something very crucial when answering those questions; I didn’t know who I was anymore or when I stopped knowing. I was letting my blueprint dictate who Stephanie was, how she showed up, what her goals were and how her life should be going. The problem with that, it didn’t resonate, I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t in the right relationships {of all kinds} I felt lost, scared and like I was lacking a heart beat. So what did I do next? Well…… you got a month? haha 😉 

With all honesty, what happened next took me 5 years, to let go of my old blueprint and to start re-designing my true, AUTHENTIC self. A lot of trial and error, ups and downs, and handwork went into those last 5 years, with some help from key tools I want to share with you.  My hope with this post, is if you’re struggling being yourself, feel lost or like you’re participating in someone else’s life; these tools I cherish, can lend you support in discovering the authentic you! 

MY Tools For Authentic Living

Oprah’s life class season 1– more AH-HA moments then I can write about. A woman with that many resources to the most influential, happy and successful people has to know a thing or two! {she is my life inspiration!}

Reflective Writing– exploring the answers to the questions above, I got so raw and honest that I couldn’t help but pursue the answers. It was screaming at me from the page like, “WANT THIS, WANT IT BAD ENOUGH TO CHANGE!”

Therapy– one of the best decision I ever made! This was through my Dr’s office, and although I was lucky and my first therapist was in my opinion, a god sent, I know sometimes it takes trial and error to connect with the right person. Therapy provided me insight to past grief, past limiting beliefs I had {from my blueprint} what relationship shifts needed to take place and most importantly, it gave me some emotional and mental HEALING!

[{this next one is lengthy, but oh so important}]
Shedding & Attracting- I had to shed people and habits that weren’t encouraging me to be the best version of myself {this isn’t to be misconstrued as blame, AT ALL} that was a hard step for me, it didn’t come easy but I believe in my heart it was all divinely lead and done in the most heart felt way I could. Shedding for me didn’t just consist of friendships and romantic relationships, it was also about shedding the unauthentic sides of myself that weren’t resonating, and the physical “stuff” I was letting dictate my happiness. Cleaned out my closet, got rid of the clutter, got rid of anything that didn’t bring me joy and cleaned out the negative self talk. I started a gratitude pad {stack of sticky notes} and wrote down 5 things I was grateful for and 5 things I wanted to improve, every night.

Yes, EVERY NIGHT, it was a ritual and it was powerful!  

 For me to shed the unauthentic sides of myself, I simply started looking within in every situation and encounter, to reflect on how I was showing up, and if it felt right. Then approaching it next time with more of my new authentic self. This takes practice and is a constant habit, one I’m still doing to this day and not perfect at by a long shot. You know the saying, practice makes perfect, well in this case it makes authenticity!

Attracting came after the shedding for me. Once I started getting more in touch with the real me, making the tough decisions and pursuing scary but new directions, I found incredible joys. People were coming into and back into my life that made me understand TRUE, authentic friendship. My true passions came to light, my intuition could finally be turned up, and I started getting clearer on what I was searching for. I found myself going after things I never thought possible, doors opening and leading me to places of wild proportions, and then it happened. I found…. myself. 🙂
The snorting, laughs a lot, talks too fast, talks too much, passionate, holistic lover, Stephanie. Who loves connecting with people, learning constantly, bettering myself daily and continually living and discovering the AUTHENTIC me.

After all . it’s your story to write down!

If you made it to the end, thank you for reading hahah I tried to make it as condensed as possible, but these topics light a fire in me so bright, it’s hard to not want to keep diving deeper! I truly hope sharing my story helps you in some little or big way, PLEASE share with me and readers, ways you find your authentic self and how your honour who you TRULY are 🙂

Live well TODAY- Steph

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    May 5, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    Steph, I would like to say how brilliant you are to have gotten to this point at such a young age. This is awesome! It certainly is a journey and I can relate. Thank you for sharing. ☺️

    • Reply
      May 5, 2017 at 11:42 pm

      Thank you for reading!!
      I think sharing with each other how we learn and what we achieve is the point of community and connection. Such kind words Diane <3

  • Reply
    A. Dawson
    May 8, 2017 at 9:00 am

    Fabulous – will read again a couple of times!

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