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DIY Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Reduce your chemical exposure!

 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Save Money
Reduce Products
Limit toxins

This was so simple to make, there really is no excuse to not make your own!

Avoid buying products like: Lysol, Clorox, Zep, and Scrubbing bubbles. These products are not only FILLED with chemicals that are harsh on your respiratory system, but they also contain a lot or allergens. These allergens exasperate asthma, eczema and nervous system conditions.

INSTEAD, take all of 15 minutes {plus a little waiting time} to make your own, and ensure yourself and your family is only coming into contact with only NATURAL, plant derived products. *BONUS* you know all the ingredients of what you’re cleaning with, that’s not only simplistic, but also significant for your health! 🙂

So what’s it made with?

 1. Vinegar
2. Lemon peels
3. Lemon essential oil
{Young Living is my go to EO brand}

Why these ingredients?

Vinegar: It contains antimicrobial properties, helping to kill 80% of germs. Its SUPER affordable, and it’s so safe you could drink it {although, I don’t suggest you do}

Lemon peels: They act as a type of degreasing agent in this recipe and they help to cut the vinegar odour. Lemon peel is so cheap, it costs less than $1 for a whole lemon.

Lemon essential oil: To enhance the effectiveness of the lemon vinegar and to give the solution a fresh scent.

How To Make It

This is the good part, it’s SO easy, even your kids can help out.

1.  Peel 2-3 lemons and place peelings in a large mason jar.
2.  Fill the mason jar up to where the mouth of the jar tapers in.

3. Let sit for 2 weeks, now I know what you’re thinking…”THAT LONG” but trust me, it’s worth it. The longer you let this sit, the more effective it is.
4. Next, take the peels out, add 10-15 drops of essential oil and transfer into glass spray bottle.
5. Spray in toilets and brush clean. 

This solution has lasted me ONE YEAR! That’s using it on three toilets every two to three weeks. Because our house is on city water, we get red rings in our toilet, but they are no match for this natural cleaner, they sparkle after every use. Talk about saving money. This DIY provides me with a clean and green option, minimized products and more room in my budget for good quality food, and let’s face it…buying more essential oils heheh. 

Let me know what your favourite DIY cleaning products are, I love trying new recipes out. Using what the earth provides is a way to keep myself vibrant and healthy.
If you are interested in trying Young Living essential oils, don’t hesitate to comment or e-mail me for more information 🙂

Live well TODAY-Steph

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