About Me

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Hello, I’m Stephanie and I’m thrilled you stopped by!

Welcome to my exciting new venture called, Well Fed Roots. My goal is to create a place where you can stop by for a quick recipe, some inspiration and maybe a product review or two. If you end up staying for an hour reading through different health topics and learning something new, then my REAL goal is achieved.

I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist as of 2015, I graduated from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in London Ontario. I was inspired and then started adapting my lifestyle to that of a holistic mindset for the last six”ish” years, and have never looked back. I started eating better and feeling better, I let go of habits that weren’t serving me and began learning as much as I could about living green and embracing a healthy lifestyle. It has paid off! Now I have a special place to share recipes (I have tried and loved) products I can’t live without, DIY’s, and healthy habits for emotional well-being.

When you get, give. When you learn, teach- Dr Maya Angelou

I’m trying not to type like I talk, which is a lot and very fast… (so I’ve been told). This is my attempt at keeping it short and sweet. After all, my goal is that you’ll get to know more about me through my daily posts and photos.

But for now this may help…

  • I don’t eat perfect everyday and won’t pretend to.
  • I DO eat gluten (when my body says I can) I love veggies, I don’t drink milk, but I LOVE cheese, I eat meat, I have a sweet tooth, I have to eat on a budget and I’m trying to actually drink enough water, but boy…it can be hard eh!?
  • I snort when I laugh…yes it’s true & no I don’t believe my husband when he says “it’s cute!”
  • I’m a newlywed and first time home owner. That shall be fun for my readers 😉
  • I am a “self-help” book  junkie!
  • I love fashion and creating different looks, it’s always been a passion of mine.
  • I know being active is JUST as important as fuelling your body with the right foods. For me it’s Crossfit, walking, running and yoga, as much as possible.
  • I’ve taken a big leap outside of fear, judgement and worry to make space to create Well Fed Roots.

My intent is to inspire, make you laugh, teach you something new, and become a staple in your well balanced life!

Thank you for  joining me, it’s going to be incredible! -Steph