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Fighting Against Negative Self Talk

My feeling after experiencing the classic “Running High” 

Nothing keeps me more motivated than that feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT 🙂 

However, getting to that feeling of accomplishment doesn’t always come easy, in fact, sometimes it’s a huge struggle, one I wanted to share with you, to hopefully inspire you in a positive way. 

If you’re like me, than sometimes before you start some form of physical exercise, you without trying, start thinking of negatives surrounding, how it’s going to go, feel, or how much it will hurt, etc. You may not mean to think that way and you might not realize how much it’s impacting you or even where it stems from. However, I’m here to tell you, if you can get quiet and listen for those negative thoughts and start reversing that mindset, your physical work will become so much easier and more rewarding and that will transfer into a positive mindset all around. 

I’m someone who loves the feeling after a good workout, it’s what keeps me coming back. There is nothing quite like it, my body needs to feel that surge of endorphins {helps to block pain and is associated with the feeling of euphoria} to help me get things done in the day and to feel more joyful on a daily basis. If you haven’t found something you enjoy doing, DON’T STOP LOOKING! Get out there and try different types of exercise, there are so many options you are bound to find a few you like. Continue Reading


Produce Bath & Spray Recipe

Scrub a dub dub, put your veggies in the tub!

Vegetable and fruit bathes are a must, here’s why…

  1. Contamination risk, from preparation to storage time, there are opportunities for contaminants, especially bacteria, to live on your vegetables.
  2. Anyones hands can be on the loose produce you pick up, people test and touch, creating a breading ground for bacteria and germs.
  3. Produce can often be spilled on the floor of grocery stores, during unpacking or shipping, if produce isn’t ruined it will be put on the shelf, definitely without a wash. Ensure you wash items even in the plastic containers like berries, they could’ve easily been on the floor.
  4. Helps remove dirt, pesticides, and waxes. The more we get off, the less we put in our body.

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What’s In My Pantry Series

Baking Ingredients 

Make Some Healthy Swaps!

Due to some technical difficulties, my What’s In My Pantry Post is coming to you Today instead of Tuesday, my apologies!! Let’s get right to it.

When I started eating more mindfully and learning about the benefits of whole foods and natural derived ingredients,  I learned very quickly it’s SO EASY to switch! There are SO many great recipes out there that leave your tastebuds satisfied and leave your tummy happy!  Continue Reading

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What’s In My Pantry Series


What’s In My Pantry Series

How cute is that little display!? This was handmade for me at my surprise shower as a guessing game for my guests. My sister has a steady hand with a glue gun and a very creative mind. She probably didn’t know this project would come in handy down the road :)!  It’s the perfect prop for today’s post.

I wanted to let you in on a little secret… I am addicted to watching videos and reading posts on “What’s In My Pantry”. I absolutely love seeing what other health minded “seed eaters” keep on hand to stay on track. It’s always informative and I always step up my game a little more after watching or reading.
This inspired me to do my own! Sooooo, every Tuesday I am taking you inside my pantry to share with you my staple items from spices, baking ingredients, sauces/mixes, canned goods, snacks, to appliances and my pantry storage. If this is a hit and I get feedback to do more, I will do a What’s In My Fridge, What’s In My Makeup bag and What’s In My Purse & Gym Bag.
Let me know if this is something you would like to see in the comments below 🙂

What’s In My Pantry…Spices {the key to any good tasting dish}
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Edibles Welcome

GF Chocolate Avocado Muffins

Good things come in small packages!!! 

#4 of 4 Healthy dessert recipes! I hope these recipes have inspired you to ditch the pre-made dessert and make your own tasty treats.

The key to creating healthy desserts and making them available is, a WELL STOCKED PANTRY. With good quality, wholesome ingredients, a quick Google or search on Well Fed Roots can provide you with dessert ideas you have ALL the ingredients for.

Below I provided a list of some of the items I ALWAYS replenish and make sure I have on hand. This way I have zero excuses to not making my own and I can whip something up with minimal effort and no trips to the grocery store.

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Use Your Senses to Eat Better

Love, love, love when FREE material that is actually helpful is available for everyone! 

This magazine which I picked up at Zehrs, has loads of great articles and recipes, and as I mentioned…is FREE!!!!

This was January’s issue and my favourite highlights from it were…

  • An article on “microbiome revolution” we are all hearing A LOT about beneficial bacteria and the major role it plays in the body. This article was a great refresh on the important of good bacteria and what we can do to use our microbiome to our bodies advantage.
  • Fabulous article on hormones and how they can play a role in weight loss, for women especially. Any time I can read about hormones and not get overly confused, I am thrilled.
  • Pumpkin Pie fruit tart recipe that looked amazing and contains ingredients I have in my cupboard already, love when that happens. This is what I will be making for Valentine’s Day for the hubs.

Most interesting article I read was on your senses and how they play a role in our food habits.   Continue Reading