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Muffins under 15 minutes!

Healthy Muffin Recipe

So Fast & Easy! I call them no excuse muffins 🙂 

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Is there really anything better in the morning than a good cup of coffee and delicious muffin? The answer is…YES! There IS something better,  a good cup of coffee{bullet proof style} and HEALTHY, delicious muffin, homemade with whole food ingredients. Forget Tim Hortons and all the questionable ingredients in pre made muffins, make your own baked goods and feel good bout what you fuel your body with.
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Blueberry Lemon Overnight Oats

“Grab N Get Your Butt Out The Door Overnight Oats”

Breakfast made easy and done the night before!

No need to rush in the morning trying to prepare a nutritious breakfast {because IT IS super important to fuel yourself in the AM} when you can have these overnight oats waiting in your fridge ready to eat.

This recipe is packed with HEALTHY FATS…PROTEIN…ANTIOXIDANTS and not to mention so many options for different flavour combinations. Continue Reading